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Values and Behaviors

Courage, Passion and Values are the dominant traits of all the individuals who are a part of Cytochrome Group.

We believe that our characters are judged for our behaviors and our behaviors are driven by core values.

We at Cytochrome strongly believe and follow the following core-behaviors


Key Actions


  1. Demonstrate ownership and encourage accountability in others.
  2. Accept accountability for the consequences of decision, actions and results (Avoid "finger pointing" or blaming others.)
  3. Act as an owner of the business when making decisions.
  4. Ensure that people have the resources. Skills, knowledge, sponsorship, and information they need to achieve business results.
  5. Serve as an advocate by sponsoring people "behind the scenes" to remove barriers and obstacles.
  6. Set clear performance standards and hold people accountable for achieving the business results.
  7. Make financial decisions with Organization’s business objectives in mind.
  8. Effectively deal with performance issues.
  9. Manage for the long term.
Key Actions
  1. Develop relationships with internal and external people by building effective alignment and buy-in, even with limited authority.
  2. Establish mutually beneficial objectives, roles and accountabilities with partners.
  3. Foster open communications with partners and leverage technology. products, services, people and processes.
  4. Serve as an advocate by sponsoring and involving leaders at all levels in the organization.
  5. Place the team's objectives ahead of personal or functional agendas.
  6. Support the team's decisions publicly and privately, inside and outside the team.
  7. Avoid destructive comments about other people or groups.
  8. Balance the interests of all constituents.
  9. Openly admit mistakes and take actions to correct the situation or change behaviors.
  10. Develop and reinforce others to create simple, straightforward systems which are effective.
Key Actions
  1. Create a culture that values and learns from mistakes, while soliciting input on decisions and processes.
  2. Reward and recognize successes of others while taking personal ownership for failures.
  3. Continue to grow obtaining the necessary business, technical, and leadership knowledge and active listening skills
  4. Stay  "ahead of the curve" in keeping up with changes in the industry and in technology.
  5. Seek opportunities for global multi-disciplinary experiences.
  6. Challenge and encourage others to "challenge the status quo" by examining business assumptions.
  7. Understand the value of encouraging open dialogue and constructive controversy by embracing different opinions and different perspectives.

Key Actions
  1. Benchmark internally and externally to understand "best in class"  practices, performance, and processes.  
  2. Strive for continuous improvement in products, services, and processes. 
  3. Ensure that customers provide input on how processes can be improved. 
  4. Serve as the voice of the customer.
  5. Use customer-perceived value as the key criterion for the design of  current and future products, services, and processes.
  6. Respond with a sense of urgency to customer issues and problems.
  7. Make achieving customer satisfaction a top priority.
  8. Recognize and effectively communicate the need for change.
  9. Act decisively even in the face of uncertainty.
  10. Generate and embrace creative, non-traditional ideas, innovation, and encourage risk-taking.
  11. Focus on creating a positive future, not "reliving the past.
  12. Handle ambiguity effectively while making the complex clear and compelling.
  13. Lead and drive change.
Key Actions
  1. Provide effective coaching and development requiring people to expand their capabilities, knowledge and skills.
  2. Challenge and motivate people to reach their highest in their professional development.
  3. Promote the business value of diverse perspectives, ideas, backgrounds, styles, workforce.
  4. Truly care about people and take into account what's best for them.
  5. Value, recognize, and reward the achievements of others.
Key Actions
  1. Demonstrate trustworthy behavior in all interactions.
  2. Encourage and support others to consistently demonstrate trustworthy behavior.
  3. Ensure compliance is a core element in all that we do.
  4. Have the courage to do what is right for Cytochrome Group and our customers.  Go from a rules-based environment to an integrity-based environment.  Use appropriate business judgment, which includes taking into account policies and compliance considerations.  Follow your internal
  5. Project a sense of passion in delivering safe and effective products for the benefit of our patients.
  6. Earn people's trust and achieve credibility as a leader.